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Most professional music suppliers now use computer controlled perforators to cut the card.
During the last two decades there has been a growing trend to building organs which are controlled from computerised systems. Many traditionalists dislike these systems, but they are what many owners want, as the organ requires less attention, very little storage space is required, and the music arrangements are usually cheaper.

It is usually impossible to tell whether the organ is playing from “book” or “disc” until you go round the back. Three of my organs play “book” music, the “Magic Flute” plays from MIDI music.
This Series 2A LandRover is used to haul the organs. Built in 1965 for military service, it was given an “R” registration when discharged in 1977, and has only had three owners from new. It retains many of the special features found on military examples---double bumpers, screw-on indicator/side lamp lenses, split wheel rims, and twin petrol tanks located beneath the seats!
Automatic Player Organs

There are four organs available for hire. Click the ‘For Hire’ buttons for details.

I enjoy punching the card for the organs, using masters or stencils which I buy from the arrangers. These sometimes arrive in the form of a midi file by email. A translator program is required to enable them to be printed in a piano roll format.

The finished product is referred to as a “book” of music.A purpose built machine is required to perforate the card---there are only 3.5mm between the centres of adjacent holes---so great accuracy is required.
A ‘Book’ of music for a mechanical organ
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