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This concert organ was built by David Leach of Huddersfield and Ian Goodwin of Stockport between 1995 and 1998. It was first played in Anglesey in 1998.

It was built from new to play from a MIDI system using a slightly modified DECAP 105 note scale.
Electro-magnets take the place of pneumatics, except on the percussion.

David’s workshop was part of Springwood Music Workshops in central Huddersfield.
The building formerly housed Conacher’s cinema organ works and latterly, John Willis had his church organ business there.

The organ contains 380 pipes which are a mixture of new and reclaimed pipework, the latter having been sourced and restored from the massive stocks stored at Springwood.
Apart from the 12 metal Tromba reed pipes, all the pipework is of the flue type.

Wind is supplied by two blowers and three regulators accurately set the wind pressure for different sections of the organ.

The organ was sold to Duncan Mallows in the Spring of 2006. During this year, we have been commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart. It therefore seemed appropriate to name the organ “THE MAGIC FLUTE”.

During the winter, the rear roller shutter is being replaced with a fixed centre and a pair of doors, which will make it easier to insulate the roof.. I also hope to start decorating the front.

Technical Specification
Melody 27 notes

#Bourdon Celeste 2 ranks
#Violin 3 ranks
#Alto Violin
#Rohr Flute (Wide Scale Open)
#Piccolo Flute

Counter Melody 20 notes

#Biphone (Dopple Bourdon)
#Horn Diapason
#Cello Grave

Accompaniment 12 notes

~Bourdon and Unison Flute
#Octave Flute (with Bar Voicing)  two on back row

Bass 12 notes



Temple Blocks
Wood Blocks
Snare Drum

~ = Constant Play    # = Register
Pipe Action  Direct Pallet
Percussion Action  Electro-Pneumatic
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